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by on September 13, 2016

Valuable information for you and the ones you love:)
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I have to be honest with you. I'm not a fan of homework.
2 boys with severe ADHD + learning disabilities = I GET IT!

Most parents and children would agree that homework is not the most exciting part of the day. SO. I put together this VALUE PACKED newsletter to help you get through homework without crying and screaming (that goes for parents and children). 

  • ALWAYS #1!  If your child has difficulty in certain areas, it is SUPER important that they be tested.  Unidentified learning problems can make for years of struggle and can contribute to challenging behavior and depression. Accommodations can be made to help your child succeed:) Check out these ideas below!
  1. Less homework?  A child doesn't always have to complete 15 problems to understand the concept.
  2. Create a special homework folder to get homework from school to home and home to school. 
  3. NEVER take away recess!
Improve Focus
  • I LOVE the wiggle seat.  It gives your child much needed movement while he sits. Have your child place his feet on a stool while he wiggles. 
Wiggle Seat
  • Chewing can IMPROVE focus. The hands free chew tube necklace and chewable pencil toppers are my favs!
Chew Necklace
Chew Pencil Toppers
  • Standing while doing homework can REALLY increase focus!
  • Walking around while doing homework = home run! Great for online homework and helping your child study:) Ex. Online math  - Ask your child the question. When he answers the question, submit the answer for him. 
  • Take Dance party breaks between assignments. Rock it out  - Mom and Dad DJ:)
Getting Through Homework

Homework can feel like FOREVER!  Check out these helpful tips to get it DONE:)
  • Show your child that he is making progress! This is my youngest son's homework white board. Yes. Those are cat behind magnets. He thinks they are hilarious!
  • Spelling ninja? I call out a spelling word.  When he spells it correctly, we do fake ninja fighting for a few seconds. FUN, LEARNING and EXERCISE:)
  • Worksheets can feel OVERWHELMING! Cover up the problems that she isn't currently working on. *Worksheet from www.education.com
  • Choices can decrease anxiety. Let your child arrange the order of assignments.  Once an assignment is complete, remove it. YAY!
  • Give stickers as he works through his homework to show progress.  Stickers = progress= reward!
Mini Incentive Charts
  • I LOVE the Time Timer Plus!  It can be used in SO many ways:) Reduce arguments and frustration! Examples-
  1. Your child needs to read for a set amount of time.  Set the timer!
  2. Your child gets a break between assignments to run around. Set the timer.
  3. Your child earns 15 minutes of video game time for completing homework. Set the timer - You GOT THIS!
Time Timer Plus
  • Longer term projects can be REALLY TOUGH!  Break down each step by day on a calendar.  The project will be done on time.  YAY:)
Be Creative:)
  • Does your child need to move?  
  1. Try quizzing for tests, while your child rides his bike.
  2. Your child can shoot the basketball each time he answers a question correctly!
  3. Between assignments, take a break to act like his favorite superhero.
  • Bath time flashcards. It works!
  • Use Cheez-It Scrabble Junior Baked Snack Crackers for spelling homework!
  • Progress puzzle! Go to Google Images with your child and pick out a few pictures of his favorites.  Print out the picture and cut it out like a puzzle.  Each time he completes a section of homework, he can earn another piece of the puzzle!
Google Images - Minecraft
  • There are many great websites for learning.  Check out Spelling City! Type in your child's spelling words = Super Fun Learning:)
Spelling City
Praise and Reward

For some children, homework can feel IMPOSSIBLE.  They need a lot of encouragement. It is ESSENTIAL that your child is working toward a reward. 
  • Praise:)  Lay it on thick! 
"You are really paying attention. I love it!"
"You are so smart!"
"Wow! You wrote such as great sentence!"
  • What can your child earn after her homework is done? Check out these tips - 
  1. Pick out rewards WITH your child:)
  2. All rewards (activities or things) need to be provided IMMEDIATELY after homework is completed. 
  3. Choice is SUPER important.  When the homework is complete, let him choose from 3 immediately available rewards. 
Holly Blanc Moses, MS BCBA LPC LPA

Mom/Psychologist/Behavior Analyst

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