Extreme Parenting: Experience More Joy Autism – ADHD

Have you ever noticed maps in malls or amusement parks? They show you where you are in that moment – You Are Here.

Interestingly, our brains RARELY ever are where we are. In other words, We don’t really notice what’s happening in us and around us in the moment.

Our brains are the best (and worst) storytellers. They tell us stories about

  • the past,

  • the future,

  • never’s,

  • always,

  • infinite “what if’s”,

  • should’s,

  • and have to’s,

  • and even stories about other people’s brain stories. SHEESH!

Holding on to stories tightly can cause –

  • anxiety,

  • shame,

  • physiological damage,

  • depression,

  • unrealistic expectations of self and others,

  • resentment

  • damage to your most precious relationships,

  • and the list goes on.

When I speak to parents of differently wired children, I often hear the same brain stories over and over again –

  • “What if I’m not doing enough?”

  • “He should be able to…”

  • “She could do it if she tried harder.”

  • “What if I don’t try that therapy and it’s the one that will actually make a difference?”

  • “I have to take her to therapy every single day.”

  • “What if he can’t live on his own?”

  • “Everyone thinks I’m a bad parent.”

  • “My child will never…”

I have some questions for you – 

    • What would your life be like, if you didn’t believe the stories your brain told you?

    • How would you feel if you separated yourself from the brain stories?

    • Would you feel more peace, if you noticed the stories with gentle curiosity instead of judgment and anxiety?

The bottom line is –

When you compassionately observe your own thinking –


You can –

      • Be more present

      • Experience more joy

      • Yell less

      • Notice even more amazing things about your child

It all starts with compassion and love, My Friend.


Holly Blanc Moses
The Mom/Psychologist/Behavior Analyst Who Gets It


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